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I Love this song.



#this show took some turns down some suspect alleys along the way but #as manifestos go the ‘shared power’ theme running through this scene TAKES SOME F*CKING BEATNG #a giant ‘screw you’ to the Batman-esque Saviour complex running though most dude-focussed superhero franchises #’it’s me and only me who must save the helpless!’ vs ‘HERE TAKE THIS - AND USE IT TO SAVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS’ #you don’t hide power and hoard power and swoop in to impose your power on others to ‘save’ them #you share it #you teach it #’are you ready to be strong?’ #[i’m not crying YOU’RE crying] (via harrietvane)

#THIS WAS THE CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL SEVEN SEASONS #THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE #i fucking WAITED for my hogwarts letter #but when i saw this #i was like ‘fuck. I COULD BE A SLAYER’ (via harrietvane)

#ugly empowered weeping (via surprisinglywiry)

But You screw everything! You destroy the seed, You destroyed age of magic, You broke the balance, a thousand of slayers dead because of you, You Buffy!!, I dont know, I trusted you. :c (some people don’t know that there are much more after the season 7)

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Nadja Tiller, 1952

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